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60.OSBA Polystrap for CYCLOP (3000mtr long)  
Per roll / 3000mtr / 12mm width / 0,5 mm thickness
8508099002 Powercontrol cable, 20mtrs on roll, flat, white, insulated, 2 x 0,75mm2  
20 mtr
99.CA075060 Universal powercord 2x 0.75mm2, 6m, black  
With connector 4.8 mm x 0.5 mm (see also 99.CA075060N without connectors)
99.CA075060N Universal powercord 2x 0.75mm2, 6m, black  
Without connectors
99.CA075150 Universal powercord 2x 0.75mm2, 15m, black  
With connector 4.8 mm x 0.5 mm
99.CA100150 Universal powercord 2x 1.00mm2, 15m, black  
With connectors 4.8 mm x 0.5 mm
F5.00.10 VARIANT vacuum cleaner deodorant Lavender (purple)  
5 pieces p/ Blister
F5.00.20 VARIANT vacuum cleaner deodorant Lemon (yellow)  
5 pieces p/strip
F5.00.30 VARIANT vacuum cleaner deodorant Ocean (blue)  
5 pieces p/strip
F5.00.50 VARIANT vacuum cleaner deodorant Flowers (green)  
5 pieces p/strip
KB.090060 Carbon brush set 9x6mm (a.o. KIRBY)  
2 pcs p/set
KB.110060 Carbon brush set 11x6mm (a.o. MIELE / NUMATIC)  
2 pcs p/set
12 records found.

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